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Rejuva | Burn

Rejuva | Burn is a powerful and delicious superfood enhanced blend designed to help burn fat while sculpting and shaping your body while is a great energy source.

The fat burning effect is derived from the green tea and baobab while the other ingredients such as the brown rice or freeze dried blueberry add to the product fibre, and a whole host of vitamins and minerals. The unique flavour works well in smoothies, but can be used in a number of other ways too. It is completely natural and free from animal products, gluten, soya, yeast, sugars and sweeteners and yet so full of goodness!

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Rejuva | Detox

Rejuva | Detox is a powerful blend of all your daily nutritional needs combined in a delicious superfood enhanced blend.

This amazing detox product is made from ingredients such as maca, a superfood rich in b vitamins; spirulina, an algae rich in infection fighting proteins; and suma, a therapeutic herb. Ingredients such as the raw chocolate and berry blend give the product a pleasant flavour but still add to the nutritional value.

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